Other Four-Footed Reading Partners


The following is a follow up to last week’s post, Dogs with Library Cards:

Cleo, a small gray cat that lives with Michelle Cardosi, a retail clerk in Denver, enjoyed her Love on a Leash therapy visits. When she became arthritic, moving from lap-to-lap was painful, and Cardosi considered retiring her, but Cleo didn’t agree. “So we went to the library’s Whiskers and Tales program instead, where she could sit on a pillow, get petted and be the center of attention,” she says. “She was able to visit until her 18th birthday.”

Clifford, a 24-year-old Morgan horse, is a well-known literacy advocate. He tours libraries in Michigan and using a sponge and watercolor paint, “signs” his biography, Clifford of Drummond Island, by author and Lansing artist Nancy Bailey, for his fans. “The kids probably won’t remember what I say, but they’ll always remember the day they saw a horse in the library,” says Bailey. “We’ve been visiting for about four years. He’s nosy and gets into everything, like the day he noticed the used book shelf. He picked out pulp fiction books and kept handing them to me.” Bailey notes that Clifford teaches children that horses have feelings and a sense of humor when he goes for laughs and changes his responses when doing tricks.

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