Feng Shui Contributes to Efficient Living and a Green Economy



Contributing towards a green economy starts at your living and working spaces. Your space could be a small cubicle at the office, a room in your home, your apartment, house, or even your car. Feng Shui is the way to live in sync and harmony with your surrounding environment. It helps you to harness the best energies from your surroundings for a beneficial flow of energy in your space.

Feng Shui is the system to arrange a living or working space using appropriate materials for appropriate areas. It helps you to make the best use of your space, the best use of your resources, the best use of your home deco and accessories as well as reduce wasted space.

Cache Bache – Clutter and Recycling

Resource Depletion and Energy Conservation:

Eliminating clutter is a main emphasis in Feng Shui. I always advise people to get rid of clutter and to have organized and clean spaces. A room full of clutter: boxes of papers, old clothes, an exercise machine that is not used, appliances that are broken, old newspapers and magazines is stagnant energy. Stagnant energy in any part of your home may cause for serious obstacles and create problems in certain parts of your life – possibly your finances, or relationships, something job related, ruin communication with family members, cause health problems, and bring misfortunes.

Stagnant energy in a home is like a clogged artery in the heart of a human body. Using this example to illustrate, when an artery is clogged, flow of blood is not optimum and doing anything becomes difficult. In a home, when flow of energy is blocked, many difficulties could start popping up in your life, as bad energy accumulates and your potential gets limited.

Many people are overwhelmed by years of clutter at home. How do you start to eliminate clutter, and how can you use this process to reduce resource depletion and improve energy conservation?

Recycling is a wonderful method to eliminate clutter to start creating a flow of positive energy in your space. Old files, paper, magazines and newspapers may be recycled. *Recycling paper instead of making it from new material generates 74 percent less air pollution and uses 50 percent less water! (EPA, 2008)

Unused appliances, electronic items or furniture may be donated to charities for a new life. Old clothes and shoes may also be given away. Remember, something you do not use anymore may be useful to someone else. When you get rid of unused items in your space, you are making space for new and better things to enter your home, as well as new opportunities to enter your life. If you do not get rid of the old, new cannot come in!

When the flow of energy in your space is favorable, lives can feel more in order and less troublesome, allowing the ability to live in peace and harmony, be more energized, well rested, creative, productive and happy.

Environmental Pollution and Degradation:

Polluted air is unfavorable, stagnant energy, a polluted river is blockage, and mountains of trash are obstacles. If your house is surrounded by dying trees, a dirty and polluted river or clogged drains filled with trash, it is considered to be bad Feng Shui.

On the other hand, if you open your windows and have a nice, clean view of growing trees, fresh smells and clean air, it is considered to be good Feng Shui. Good Feng Shui translates to good fortune in every area of your life – prosperity, good finances, good health, good relationships, peace, harmony, stability, security and overall wellbeing

How to Participate in the Green Economy with the Use of Good Feng Shui:

There is energy in everything and everyone – everybody can do their part to make an overall positive difference. A proper Advanced Feng Shui analysis in a home can help the owner to have the most efficient and favorable layout to enable them to utilize their space efficiently and minimize wasted space. This also allows them to do their part in taking steps to contribute to a green, thriving economy.

Favorable Feng Shui positioning and arrangements in your home can improve flows of energy and can help you to choose the most optimum use of materials. Correct placement and improved flow of energy can improve the economic standing of a family or a business. Feng Shui always emphasizes the protection of relationships and protection of income with a stable and balanced space.

Aileen Soo is a Feng Shui consultant from Malaysia who lives in Puerto Rico.


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