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Prostate Health and Pressure-Free Living


Prostate health has been in the news recently as the American Urology Association announced that it no longer recommends routine annual prostate screening for men ages 40-54 or over the age of 70. They also extended the recommended interval for men 55 to 69 to every two years. Frequent screening had resulted in misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments.

Stopping the release of stress hormones is a key strategy for prostate health. When a male experiences emotions that cause him to trigger the fight-or-flight stress response, stress hormones restrict blood flow to the prostate and cause changes in the tissues of the bladder and sphincter muscles. This can cause prostate enlargement and frequent urination. Thus, anxiety and worry about the prostate contributes to prostate problems. And now, for some, deciding whether or not to be screened is causing anxiety.

A stress management program that reduces anxiety and prevents hormone release can be very helpful for the prostate gland and for overall health. Since it takes the male body up to nine hours to clear these hormones out of the cells, most men are never free of their negative effects.

Elle Ingalls is creator of the Pressure-Free Performance Method: an on-the-go stress-management method you can use anytime, anywhere to prevent the release of stress hormones. Elle has taught this method to hundreds of male students, athletes, businessmen and professionals, resulting in fast and significant improvements in health and performance.